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College- and Career-Ready Online Field Test

Data Recognition Corporation (DRC)—a leading K–12 service provider—has been actively involved in supporting states as they transition to more-rigorous content standards, curricula, and assessments that better prepare students for college and careers. 

DRC provides high-quality operational items to current and future clients, and we want to ensure that students educators, and departments of education across the nation have the opportunity to field-test these items. There are many benefits to participating, including receiving indications of how students are performing on the new item types and their experiences with online testing. 

As a part of our commitment to the next generation of standards and assessments, we developed a robust set of high-quality items and passages aligned to the College- and Career-Ready Standards in Mathematics and English language arts, which will be field tested in the fall of 2015. The field test will be administered online to students in grades 3–8 and High School.


College- and Career-Ready Online Field Test Resources

Online Tools Training (use Chrome browser)

Online Field Test Overview

Online Field Test Brochure​

Online Field Test Sample Items

What are the benefits and incentives for my classroom, school, or district?

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How is the field test administered?

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What are DRC’s qualifications to develop College- And Career-Ready test items?

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When will the field test take place and how long will it take?

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How will participation in the field test help determine technology readiness?

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How do schools prepare for the field test?

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Who can participate in the field test?

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What are the technology requirements of the online testing system?

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I am interested in enrolling my students.

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