DRC Spring Testing Recap

All DRC clients have resumed the summative testing programs that were paused last spring due to the pandemic.

Notable DRC online testing statistics are as follows:

  • DRC delivered 23.5 million online tests from March 21 to May 29
    • Approximately 40% of online testing in this period occurred within two weeks (April 25 to May 8)
  • Several of our clients completed a substantially higher volume of online tests than originally projected for 2021:
    • Pennsylvania online testing was up 154% (850,000) over projection
    • DRC BEACON online testing was up 45% (40,000) over projection
    • Louisiana online testing was up 8% (280,000) over projection

Scanning, Editing, and Handscoring also saw significant operational numbers this spring:

  • Image Scanning had a peak volume of 3.5 million sheets scanned in a single day
  • Editing had a peak volume of 417,063 edits and quality checks in a single day
  • Handscoring had a peak volume of nearly 500,000 reads in a single day