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Picture of Neo Mpunga
Psychometric Technical Program Lead

Neo Mpunga

Neo has worked on several different programs at DRC, including Illinois and Alabama, during which he has built great relationships. He and his team are currently preparing for the 2023 Alabama administration for ACAP Summative and ACAP Alternate. Neo is grateful for working with people who are passionate about the DRC products and services. His goals include growing into a leadership and management role within DRC.

Neo balances his work and personal life by some words of untraditional advice: "Treat your 9-5 job as your side hustle and your life like your career." He has used this advice to take better care of his mental and physical health. His other tools to stay balanced are setting expectations, taking an hour of personal time each day, and meditation.

Neo is fluent in four languages: IsiXhosa, Zulu, Afrikaans (Dutch), and English. In his spare time he works on his project car, rides his bike around Lake of the Isles, and spending some quiet time in a hammock. He also enjoys the Code Blue Coffee Shop and working out in the DRC gym.

Picture of Brittany Noel
Project Manager

Brittany Noel

Brittany has taken pride in her entire journey at DRC, starting in Customer Service and arriving at her current Project Manager role. Her most recent team building activity was an amazing dinner with teammates and valued clients. Brittany has been working on important technical and operational enhancements for a DRC client since she started her project management role in January of 2022. One of her career goals is to lead a team, which is important to her because she has been mentored and coached by amazing DRC leaders.

Brittany is the best version of herself when she focuses on being present when she is at DRC and also when she's at home with her family. She is part of an awesome blended family with five kids ranging from 10-20 years old. Being a mom and step-mom is very rewarding to her and there is never have a dull moment in her house. Brittany loves anything fitness related and being outdoors whenever possible. She is the committee chair for her son's cub scouts pack, keeping them busy hiking, camping, or doing community service in the area.

Picture of Andrew Lenn
Sr. Program Lead, Customer Service

Andrew Lenn

Andrew is proud of being included in the WIDA team and supporting customer service. Since 2015, he has overseen more than 500,000 WIDA phone calls and emails. WIDA's contract was recently renewed with enhancements to Customer Service, which Andrew is playing a large role in supporting. His favorite team building activities are the DRC company get-togethers.

Andrew's foremost goal is getting his PMP certification, which will lead to more opportunities throughout his career and further validate the quality of the work he already does at DRC. Recently, he has improved the depth and breadth of his problem-solving skills and gauging problem severity.

Andrew wandered a bit in his younger years, spending time in Chicago, New York, New Orleans, and even studying in St. Petersburg, Russia. He enjoys exploring the city and new restaurants with friends. His favorite personal wellness activity is reading from his endless stack of books.