DRC’s handscoring team is one of the most experienced in the testing industry. Our combined experience includes designing and conducting large-scale scoring efforts for myriad content areas, grade levels and student populations.  We have a reputation for working diligently with clients to customize scoring to meet the specific needs of each assessment. Our scorers are dependable, accurate, and are valued for helping to meet strict reporting deadlines and staying focused on producing accurate scores.

Our experienced handscoring staff provides the following services:

  • Rangefinding– Facilitates key stakeholder meetings in order to reach common agreement about application of scoring rubrics.

  • Rubric Validation– Provides human expertise prior to autoscoring.

  • Rubric Development and Editing– Assists Test Developers in the crucial effort of refining scoring rubrics and guidelines.

  • Scoring Services– Designs and monitors the scoring of large-scale online and paper/pencil assessments. Includes:

    • ISO 9001:2008 certified scoring processes

    • Industry-leading content experts in all K-12/EOC subject areas

    • Advisory support on scoring model adoption

  • Scoring Studies– Designs and implements studies to research phenomena such as potential scorer drift, item placement impact, mode effect, and comparability.

  • Professional Development– Creates workshop experiences for teachers and assessment leaders in the area of rubric development and application.

DRC operates scoring centers throughout the United States, occupying over 315,000 square feet of office space. Thanks to our positive work environment, competitive wages, and DRC-controlled recruiting process, we enjoy a high scorer retention rate that makes us unsurpassed in the industry. Since 1986 we have provided millions of accurate scores for students across the country.

DRC Scoring Center Locations

DRC Scoring Center Locations Map