In addition to custom assessments, we offer a wide range of assessment products that support students and educators in the pre–K through adult education markets.

For decades, DRC has maintained a tradition of excellence in educational assessment publication, administration, and reporting. DRC is a leader in the development and administration of K–12 and Adult Education assessments, and our portfolio of assessment solutions includes:

TerraNova®, Third Edition includes tests and assessments that promote student achievement and learning with a full range of research-based standardized achievement tests, reports, and services.
LAS Links® is an integrated suite of English and Spanish language proficiency assessments and instructional tools designed to strengthen your English language learning (ELL) program.

DRC BEACON is an interim assessment for grades 3–8 that illuminates student learning needs and measures progress throughout the year, allowing educators to target instruction and make informed decisions.

TABE® remains the most comprehensive and reliable assessment product in the education industry, providing a solid foundation for effectively assessing the skills and knowledge of adult learners.
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