Enhanced Reporting

Insightful reports ensure that data is useful for educators and families. DRC understands the importance of creating timely, user-friendly, powerful reports that teachers and educators use to support instruction and to make data-driven decisions. Students and parents appreciate understanding ongoing progress and

DRC has decades of proven experience in reporting assessment results. We offer a combination of excellence in designing and implementing reporting solutions to meet expectations, an in-depth understanding of the complexities of assessment reporting, and highly qualified professionals who have experience to address data, dashboard, and reporting requirements.

DRC is dedicated to providing and transforming quality assessment results into meaningful opportunities to improve student learning. Providing intuitive, thorough, accurate, and error-free reports for users at all levels is a critical component of this mission. Our Interactive Reporting System uses advanced business intelligence to create at-a-glance report dashboards that combine data and graphical indicators of aggregate and comparative results of system and school performance. Many levels of customization are supported, including the user interface design (skin, fonts, colors, landing page), data filters/headings, dashboard views, and navigation paths.