Whether your organization is a telecommunications firm, a cable provider, or a city, private, or cooperative utilities service, your statement may be a big influence on the perception of your organization, and if planned correctly will give you effective marketing value.

Our customized solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Customer-billing notices

  • Add-on service invoicing

  • TV, Phone, and Internet; billing from combined multiple-data streams.

  • Intelligent and selective inserting, providing unique inserts for each individual customer, targeting their specific area of interest, while saving printing and postage costs associated with “blanket” inserts.

  • Variable imaging and messaging, to promote a special rapport and prompt customer response.

  • Duplex printing; maximizes real estate and saves on cost.

  • MICR printing

  • Design assistance/graphic services

  • Data processing

  • Variable data and offset print and mailing

  • Inventory management and warehousing

  • Purchasing management

  • Dedicated project manager