In addition to survey projects that measure opinions or experiences, DRC runs several programs designed to collect factual data. These programs assist clients in collecting vital information and often require a contractor with the capacity to handle large-scale projects.

DRC has the proven capacity to run high-quality, efficient, large-scale data collection programs. Our services include:

  • Accurate High-Volume Scanning and Web Data Collection—Quarterly, DRC printed and distributed approximately 275,000 surveys to patients from 2,100 patient service centers located in Quest Diagnostics’ 26 U.S. lab areas, for an annual total of 1.1 million paper surveys distributed. These surveys were customized, listing specific laboratory and patient service center information. DRC also developed and maintained the web survey option for this program, which mirrored the paper survey and was provided in both English and Spanish.

  • Timely Reporting of Data—Clients often request that data be provided on a daily or weekly basis. For The Hartford Insurance Group, DRC collects data on policyholders’ annual mileage and uploads images of scanned forms to a secure FTP site daily, for a total volume of 800,000 forms annually. Each week we also provide The Hartford with electronic data files, reports of returns, and shipping reports.