DRC’s customer loyalty and satisfaction research programs produce valuable data for clients, providing them with the information they need to track perceptions of their products or services, identify approaches that foster customer loyalty, and strategize to make improvements in areas where there is customer dissatisfaction.

DRC implements diverse customer satisfaction measurement tools, customized to meet each client’s needs.

    • Innovative Survey Design—In order to maximize the impact of customer satisfaction research, clients require a survey partner that can identify linkages between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. DRC develops innovative survey tools to make such connections. In partnership with Subaru of America, Inc., we implemented the Subaru Ownership Loyalty Program, a tool that helps Subaru to recover customers whose survey scores indicate dissatisfaction. DRC was instrumental in researching, designing, and deploying this unique system.

    • Sophisticated Reporting Tools—Within a client’s company or organization there are often multiple stakeholders who require access to survey results. For Ingersoll Rand/Trane, DRC designed an online reporting tool with customized report access for five tiers within the company: dealer, distributor, region, brand, and national. This system allows individual dealers to receive reports on their performance, while also providing overall reporting at the corporate level.

    • Ability to Reach Diverse Sample Groups—Often survey programs must accommodate diverse sample groups to obtain a complete picture of customer satisfaction. DRC approaches each project with the flexibility required to meet individual client needs. For Medallia, Inc., we administer a guest satisfaction survey in Hampton and Hilton brand hotels that serve an international clientele. DRC meets the needs of this project by providing survey instruments in over 20 languages.

    • Customized Survey Printing—Customer satisfaction surveys often ask respondents about a specific product or service experience. DRC is able to print individualized information on each survey to identify the recipient and the product or service in question. For a patient satisfaction survey for Quest Diagnostics, DRC annually prints 1.1 million paper surveys listing specific laboratory and patient service center information.