To complement our exceptional quantitative research capabilities, DRC also offers a full range of qualitative research methods. In support of our surveys, we use qualitative methods to gather information to develop and refine questionnaires or to interpret anomalous findings from surveys.  Qualitative research also provides rich, individualized detail that cannot be captured through quantitative research, thus providing deeper insights into the meaning and complexities of respondents’ experiences.  We are skilled and experienced in such methods as focus groups, cognitive interviewing, semi-structured interviewing, and observations.

Our qualitative research services include:

  • Research conceptualization and development of study methodologies

  • Protocol development and testing

  • Focus groups and in-person interviews

  • Case studies

  • Qualitative research analysis

  • Preparation of technical reports and publishable papers

DRC also offers a variety of customized comment processing services to meet our clients’ needs and maximize the valuable information found in open-ended responses on survey returns. This includes transcription, sanitizing, coding, translation, and qualitative theme development. We can also provide alerts to our clients for “hot comments”—those that require immediate client attention or resolution. With our in-house comment processing team of skilled individuals, DRC is able to handle complex comment processing of nearly 250,000 comments per month.