DRC has established a team of content area test development specialists, curriculum experts, and content area editors in English language arts (ELA), mathematics, reading, science, and social studies. All have degrees in their content areas, and most are former teachers. Team members stay knowledgeable in their fields of expertise and actively participate in professional associations. Participating in these organizations keeps our staff informed of current curriculum, assessments and research and in touch with stakeholders—from local teachers to nationally known education leaders.

Our test development specialists also have extensive experience and knowledge in standards development and alignment, including the development of grade-level expectations based on content standards. When developing tests, DRC follows a series of steps uniformly recognized as industry standards, which align with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing1. The tests produced through this process help educators understand the link between assessment and classroom teaching.

Our history of using this process has yielded high-quality, content-aligned test items for numerous large-scale assessment programs. We have developed items and test designs for several states, including Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. Our services have included the following:

  • Field test and operational item/prompt development

  • Field test and operational test design

  • Pilot and sample item and test development

  • Standards development and alignment; alignment studies

  • Grade-level expectations development

  • Performance-level descriptor development

  • Item and data committee facilitation
  • Review and technical advisory committee facilitation

  • Cognitive labs

  • Study guide and testing development

  • Professional development workshops

  • Curriculum units and lesson plans

  • Learning progressions

  • Online tutorial scripting

  • Modified and alternate assessments

  • Test accommodation materials

  • Design and development of item bank system

1American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, National Council on Measurement in Education (AERA, APA, NCME) (1999). Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. Washington D.C.: American Educational Research Association.