DRC’s Performance Assessment Team is one of the most experienced in the testing industry. Our combined experience includes designing and conducting large-scale scoring efforts for myriad content areas, grade levels, and student populations.

Each scoring season, DRC scores more than 71 million student responses. We work diligently with clients to customize scoring to meet the specific needs of each assessment. Our scorers are dependable, accurate, and are valued for helping to meet strict reporting deadlines and staying focused on producing accurate scores. Our experienced Performance Assessment staff provide the following services:

  • Rangefinding
  • Rubric Validation
  • Rubric Development and Editing
  • Handscoring
  • Scoring Studies
  • Professional Development

DRC’s performance assessment scoring processes are ISO 9001 certified. We operate scoring centers throughout the United States. Thanks to our positive work environment, competitive wages, and DRC-controlled recruiting process, we enjoy a high scorer retention rate that is unsurpassed in the industry.