DRC proudly holds two Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) certifications from IMS Global for our IDEAS platform. DRC IDEAS is a comprehensive item and test banking platform that is used to author item and test content.

This certification ensures that DRC's IDEAS is certified to create and manage QTI 2.2 Level 1 item and test content throughout the platform, including importing and exporting, which is a key step that allows DRC to exchange content within the Education Technology Industry.

IMS Global has testing programs that enable products to be certified compliant with specific standards and features of the standards. For technology suppliers, participation in the IMS Global certification process is the fastest and most cost-effective way to achieve product integrations. For institutions, ensuring that your educational technology tools are IMS Global certified is the best way to establish a plug-and-play ecosystem, allowing your tools and content to work together seamlessly, giving you more choice, and reducing your total cost of ownership.