LAS Links and Ellevation to Provide Seamless Data Integration for Student Test Scores

MINNEAPOLIS, November 17, 2021Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) and Ellevation today announced a new, innovative collaboration between DRC’s LAS Links Online® language proficiency assessments and Ellevation’s English learner (EL) program management platform. For districts that opt in to the data sharing agreement, the new data integration will support automatic transfers of student testing scores between LAS Links Online and Ellevation. These scores are not only required for state and federal accountability reporting but are also used to inform educators’ classroom instruction.

“Our new, integrated solution will automatically transfer all online student assessment results from LAS Links Online directly into the Ellevation platform on a daily basis,” said David Seitter, Executive Vice President, Data Recognition Corporation. “This is significant for English learner educators who use both LAS Links and Ellevation, as it eliminates the burden of having to manually enter scores into Ellevation, and it allows educators to see the students’ LAS Links results alongside the results of other assessment measures.”

The previous process required educators to manually export the LAS Links Online results from the DRC system and then manually upload the data into Ellevation. The new, automated process not only saves time for districts but provides an added layer of security and reliability by reducing the likelihood of errors with manual data entry.

“Sending the scores through an automated, FERPA-compliant transfer is secure, reliable, and accurate,” said Teddy Rice, President & Co-Founder of Ellevation. “Having easy access to these scores within Ellevation saves EL educators a tremendous amount of time on compliance activities so they can focus their time on planning and delivering the instructional resources their EL students need.”

LAS Links Online

LAS Links Online provides a comprehensive, high-quality, authentic language proficiency assessment system for K–12 students. Available in English and Spanish, LAS Links Online assessments can be used to monitor student progress in acquiring English language skills throughout the school year in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. This powerful, research-based assessment provides teachers with reliable data to target areas of need and build upon areas of strength. LAS Links Online enables educators to understand the progress of students as they move through the stages of language acquisition from grades K–12, moving them closer to reclassification and preventing them from becoming long-term English learners.


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