TerraNova Online and InView Online are up and running!

DRC has released TerraNova® and InView™ Online with users from across the country. Administered on the user-friendly DRC INSIGHT™ engine, TerraNova 3 Complete Battery and InView provide districts and schools looking for quality norm-reference assessments with immediate online results to inform and direct classroom instruction.

TerraNova3 Complete Battery Online
Get immediate and reliable information to pinpoint student needs with TerraNova Online. This Web-based version of the popular TerraNova norm-referenced assessment helps teachers identify student needs, measure progress, and determine Career and College Readiness in reading, language, and mathematics for Grades 3–8.

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TerraNova InView Online
InView Online provides a clear picture of students’ cognitive abilities in Grades K–12. Educators learn valuable performance information all online about student population groups including gifted and talented, and students with disabilities.

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